The European Year of Skills

The European Year of Skills will be one of the main topics under discussion.

The Forum will be a space for reaffirming the objectives of the European Year in line with those of the Action Plan, which aim to incisively reinforce the efforts of the Member States in valuing skills and lifelong learning. Particular emphasis will be placed on digital transition priorities.

Through the European Year of Skills, in cooperation with the European Parliament, Member States, social partners, public and private employment services, chambers of commerce and industry, education and training providers, workers and businesses, the Commission proposes to give new impetus to lifelong learning through the following measures:

  • Promote increased and more effective and inclusive investment in training and upskilling to unlock the full potential of Europe's workforce and support people in transitioning from one job to another.
  • Ensuring that skills are relevant to labour market needs, also cooperating with social partners and business.
  • Match people's aspirations and skills to opportunities in the labour market, especially with regard to green and digital transitions and economic recovery. Special attention will be paid to activating a greater number of people for the labour market, with emphasis on women and young people, in particular those who do not work, study or follow any training.
  • Attracting people from third countries with the skills the EU needs, notably by enhancing learning opportunities and mobility and facilitating the recognition of qualifications.